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Joy Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exceptional time when women enter one of their significant life stages and need to assimilate quickly knowledge and understanding the process of pregnancy and birth.Our Joy of Pregnancy training is aimed at educating the pregnant women in order to have a healthy and joyful pregnancy. Pregnant women learn the real joy of pregnancy. Pregnancy is the time when one has to be conscious  of all the 5 senses within herself and the womb. We, at Joy of pregnancy classes, teach her how to be joyful and how to carry out the journey of pregnancy in a divine blissful way.

We conduct training classes for pregnant women would who love to have a divine and blissful journey of pregnancy. Pregnant women can be accompanied by their husbands. It will increase the bonding in much healthier way. Also if you choose to have anybody else as your support person during labor, then you are most welcome to bring that person too

Complete joy of Pregnancy series:

Jessy Naidu Guntupalli

Recommended for first time mothers, classes to be taken from conception.

Weekend classes:
The classes are divided into 4 sessions, one session each week. Each session lasts for 2 hrs.
Weekday classes:
3 sessions a week i.e, total 12 sessions in a month

Advanced Pregnancy series:

4 classes, 2 hrs per class, if you are already in your 7th or 8th month.

But the training doesn’t end with these 4 or 5 sessions, we will be connected with you for the whole journey through pregnancy. This is no like an ordinary class that you attend  and leave the class, it is a class of love, a class of positive like minded people with whom you would like to be in touch with. The JOY of Pregnancy does not end up with the class!!

So what do you learn in joy of pregnancy?

  •   You learn to cope up with the changes happening in your body in an easy effective way
  •    What to expect during labor and how the labor support person can be of tremendous support & motivation to the mother-to be.
  •    Different kinds of positions that can be adopted during labour
  •    Breathing techniques during the pregnancy and during the labour
  •    Breastfeeding - Learning the right way to breast feed and knowing what to expect during the initial few weeks
  •     Postpartum care - Baby and mother
  •      Pranayama during pregnancy
  •      Musics
  •       Meditation

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